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Subject to the Board’s discretion to review this policy from time to time and to consider exceptions in individual circumstances, applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, by age group, giving preference in the following order:

    1. Children of employees of Great-West Lifeco, its subsidiaries and related Companies, who are employed at the Canada Life head office/Toronto campus and /or siblings of children currently enrolled in Life-Bridge Child Care at the time the space for the younger child becomes available.


    2. Children of those with other connections to Great-West Lifeco, such as employees of tenants of the Canada Life head office/Toronto campus complex and other relatives of employees of Great-West Lifeco, its subsidiaries and related companies.


    3. Surrounding community of the Canada Life head office/Toronto complex, including children of those who live and work in the community.


In addition, preference is given to children requiring full time enrollment over those requiring part time.  There are only 2 full time spaces available in each age group which can accommodate 4 part time children.  All part time children must attend Life-Bridge Child Care on consecutive days.
A waiting list for each age group is kept.  Families requiring daycare in the future should put their application(s) on the waiting list immediately.

Families on the waiting list are required to renew their application by telephone or email at six-month intervals in order to keep their application on the waiting list.  Failure to contact Life-Bridge will result in removal of their application from the waiting list.

A family who has found alternate care is asked to let the centre know when they no longer would like to remain on the waiting list.  If a family refuses a space when their application comes to the top of the waiting list, in order to remain on the list for a future space, their application will be put to the bottom of the list.  If a family is still on maternity leave, their application will remain in its place on the waiting list if they refuse a space.

For more information, please complete an application form and return it to:

Marilyn Neuman
Life-Bride Child Care
C/O Canada Life Assurance Company
330 University Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
M5G 1R8
Tel 416 • 552 • 6323    Fax 416 • 343 • 8525







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