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FAQs - Life-Bridge Q&A

As soon as you are pregnant?

As we only take 10 infants, there is no way to predict how long it will take to get in.  It depends on the number of people who have applied for the same time period.  The longest list is for Infants and the shortest is for preschool and JK children who are between 2 ½ to 5 years old.

Because we require three months notice of withdrawal, we generally can call families three months prior to a start date.  If there is a last minute withdrawal, in this case we may have an opening very close to the date of the call.

We give first priority to employees who work in the Great West Life campus which includes employees of Great West Life, Canada Life, London Life and Mackenzie Investment.  We give second priority to tenants working in the Great West Life campus and third priority to people who work or live in the community.

Contact Toronto Children’s Services to get information about eligibility and how to apply.

Yes, we accept families on subsidy.

Yes, specifically for those who are coming up to the top of the waiting list.  If time allows, we are happy to give tours to anyone who is considering submitting an application to be put on our waiting list.

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2013-07-26, 12:29
I toured many childcares prior to choosing Life-Bridge for its intimate and warm environment. My child has only been in the infant program for a month...

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