Welcome to Senior Room

The Senior room has 16 spaces for children 3 to 5 years of age although some years, depending on space 3-31/2 year olds may be admitted.  The Senior Room staff consists of two RECE (Registered Early Childhood Educators).  The Senior classroom is a special place of child-centred activity-oriented education, designed to develop young children’s spontaneous desire to learn.  The program is based on the philosophy of learning through PLAY, through which children develop self-confidence, learn to get along with others and begin to observe,  experiment, inquire and reconstruct their environment.




The Emergent Curriculum is a method of planning which focuses on observing and recording the children’s interest and development during play and during teacher guided activities, enabling the teachers to provide appealing activities which motivate learning.  This approach is socially and intellectually engaging and personally meaningful to children.


The teachers follow the children’s lead and then introduce new and exciting activities to sustain their interest and deepen their exploration. 


Our emphasis is focused on developing social skills and problem solving skills, fostering independence, and building a foundation for lifelong learning.  By documenting it gives the teachers the ability to create an environment that will enrich the learning activities and provide opportunities to promote children’s learning.


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Welcome to Junior Room



The Junior room has 16 spaces for children 2 ½ to 3 ½ years of age. There are some years depending on space and movement in the other rooms that our age range will be 2 to 3 years old with only 15 children in the room. We have two staff who are solely responsible for the programming and day to day care of the children and one staff who is also actively involved in the programme of activities and care of the children and also has unique duties supervising the gym at wake up time from 2:00 – 3:30. Our programme is based on the philosophy of learning through PLAY, with the implementation of activities which support the children’s interests and development. They will explore the world around them with the materials and experiences provided to them throughout the day.





We plan according to the Emergent Curriculum. This means that we follow the children’s lead when planning and setting up the room. This is done through daily observations of interactions between the children and the children and teachers. Through our observations we will make decisions on what will happen next and what will best motivate the children’s learning. We will then follow the children’s lead by introducing new and exciting activities to expand their interests and learning.

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Welcome to the Toddler Room

The Toddler room has thirteen spaces for children ranging in age from eighteen months to two and a half years of age, with three Registered Early Childhood Educators. The children are divided into three small groups of four or five with a primary caregiver for each group who takes responsibility for helping new children and children moving from the Infant room to transition into the Toddler room. The purpose of dividing into smaller groups and having primary caregivers is and enables teachers the time to observe, record developmental progress and meet with parents twice annually at parent-teacher interviews; however the three educators get to know all of the children and are equally responsible for their care and development.




Our Program follows an Emergent Curriculum Model which means the teachers follow the lead of the children by observing, recording and finding the children’s interests and developmental stages, choosing a “Big Play Idea” and then offer the children materials and activities as well as special events, which the children are excited about. Children learn best through doing what they are interested in. Through play and exploration, the Toddlers happily discover and learn and through observations then the educators enhance their environment and provide experiences which expand the children’s skills. The social and emotional well being of each child is of the utmost importance thus a warm and caring approach supports group and individual needs.

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Welcome to the Infant Room


We hope you and your child will enjoy your time with us.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to talk to any of the staff.  There is four staff in the Infant Room and we will all be bonding with your baby and are happy to answer your questions and help you become acquainted to the program, schedule and routines.  One of our team will be your child’s primary caregiver and will take on the greater responsibility of caring for, feeding, changing and communicating with you, however all the staff will be equally involved with you and your baby at all times. 


As in all of the groups at Life-Bridge we have student teachers doing field placements here who provide additional care and support in the Infant room.  They are always supervised by one of our team.


Infant Curriculum


In the Infant Room, daily experiences focus on developmental domains or on the practice of specific skills, and are planned around spontaneous activities that are likely to occur in the context of daily care and routines.  We consider the care of the child (feeding, sleeping, eating, nurturing) equally important and equal to curriculum.  In the Infant Room, activities are planned to support the following domains and skills: language, cognitive, social, emotional, fine-motor, and gross-motor development.  Our activities are integrated into the daily routines in a non rushed environment supporting our goal of ensuring that calm interactions are more important that the schedule of the day and the timetable.

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